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Qingdao Sinoland International Trade Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China square shape sharp container manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap square shape sharp container products from our factory.

Square shape sharp container

1.Using high-density polypropylene plastic, non-PVC components, with non-toxic, heat, cold, puncture resistance, earthquake, no leakage, easy to burn and so on. 

2.Easy to operate, built-in detachable needle system. 

 3.Has temporarily closed and permanently shut down the system. Can not be permanently closed normally open 

4.Collection of syringes, infusion needles and other disposable items. 

5.Collection of small glass medical products, various types of blades, scalp, sharp needle and suture needles. 

6.Vice-up the entire collection of blood, blood transfusion, etc. contact the blood of medical equipment. 

7.Sharps boxes must be placed in other provisions of the medical sharps and other sharp dangerous goods.

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